Isn’t there a better way than giving hand-wipes to customers at restaurants?


Is the advertising on the plastic hand-wipe really paying off for this service provider?  Is this a service that is absolutely required at restaurants?  Well, all of us should wipe our hands before we eat… it is good etiquette, after all.  We teach our children to clean their hands before eating – should we not follow our own directions?

But is there no better way than providing a wet tissue and plastic wrap that is going into the municipal incinerator after only seconds of use (sometimes totally unused and unopened)?  Would it not be possible to provide an alternative?  Perhaps a biodegradable hand-pump that shoots sterilized, skin-sensitized spray in front of the condiments counter for self-service?  Perhaps a re-usable “branded” hand towel that a customer can bring in for quick sterilization, and get a small discount on the bill to boot (for reducing waste)?

Here is an idea from a creative agency designing products for medical facilities:

A Hospital Door Handle That Sanitizes Hands With a Touch



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