KIOST designs “The Crabster” ocean rover

To truly see the ocean, scientists must be one with the ocean. The oceanic researchers from South Korea are certainly putting this to practice.

Taking a cue from crustaceans that scurry along the ocean floor, researchers from the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology have built and tested a car-sized robotic crab to explore the seafloor. The six-legged robot is named the “Crabster CR200”.

The Crabster’s design doesn’t just mimic Mother Nature, it also helps the team from Korea literally see the ocean. Typically, underwater vehicles deployed by researchers utilize propulsion to troll the ocean’s depths, but that method of locomotion stirs up vision-impairing clouds of sediment. The Crabster crawls along the seabed without kicking up pesky sea sediment.  Perhaps one day, the Crabster will help us unlock the mysteries of nature that will be a key to the survival of the species…



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